The 10 Best Drain Cleaners

There are a lot of liquid drain cleaners available in the market. Most of them vary from each other depending on their composition and overall working methods. You have to choose the best liquid drain cleaner depending on the type of clogging that you are dealing with. For instance, in kitchens, the buildup of grease and oil is quite common. On the other hand, in bathroom sinks, you are likely to face a buildup of hair and soap scum.

best liquid drain cleaner


There are two main types of liquid drain cleaners:

  1. Fast-acting chemical-based cleaners
  2. Enzyme-based cleaners are usually slow.

Here are some of the best liquid drain cleaners currently available in the market:

  1. Green Gobbler GGDIS2CH32 Drain Cleaner

It has a dual-chambered bottle that you can easily handle to pour a little liquid slowly. Therefore, you will not be needing any external help to measure the amount of liquid you are pouring. You should be using one chamber for tubs and sinks while two chambers can be used for toilets. Similarly, it is capable of dissolving the hair quickly and removing any kind of obstructions caused by different materials like fats, oils, and hair. It is important to note that its formula is much denser than simple water or other solutions, so it is quite fast as well.

  1. Drano Max Gel Drain Cleaner

It has a thick bleach-based formula that can dissolve anything present in the standing water. It can cling to the strongest clogs and facilitate quick removal. Moreover, it is quite fast as it can unclog the drains within 10 to 15 minutes. Another important feature of this product is the presence of such ingredients that protect the pipes from corrosion while fully removing the gunk.

  1. Bio-Based Drain Cleaner

It is an enzyme-based drain cleaner that consists of a good combination of natural bacteria and enzymes that are designed to digest organic waste present in the drain pipes. Enzymes will break down the clogging material and the product will reach all different angles of the plumbing system to get rid of all types of organic waste. It fully removes hair, food particles, and soap scums from the pipes. 

  1. Thrift GIDDS-TY Drain Cleaner

It is a fast-acting cleaning product that is capable of dissolving hair and grease within a minute or even less. You can use this liquid drain cleaner for all types of drains, grease traps, and septic systems. It consists of sodium hydroxide that will is not harmful to the pipes so you will not have to worry about acidic or harmful components.

  1. Green Gobbler (5 Pack) Drain Cleaner

It comes in the form of pre-mixed packs which makes it easy for everyone to depend on this powerful drain cleaner. You will not have to guess or measure the quantity as one or two packs are enough to unclog the pipes. Most importantly, it has an eco-friendly and biodegradable formula and can be used for different types of sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets. 

  1. Biokleen Drain Cleaner

This is a highly reliable liquid drain cleaner because it does not only get rid of various types of waste material but also plays an important role in preventing massive clogs. Moreover, it is non-toxic and eco-friendly which means you can use it to clean a variety of drain pipes. Its gel-based formula is highly effective in fully coating the pipe walls and hence, thoroughly cleaning and unclogging the pipes.

  1. Professor Amos SuperFast Drain Cleaner

As its name suggests, it is a rapid liquid drain cleaner. It comes in the form of packets so you will not have to worry about measuring the quantity before pouring it. You can use this drain cleaner to dissolve grease, hair, and other such waste material. It is quite easy to use as well. You just have to pour its packet into the drain and flush with hot water after some time to unclog the drain.  

  1. Green Gobbler Ultimate Main Drain Cleaner

It is a reliable and eco-friendly drain cleaner and a much better alternative to strong chemical-based cleaners. You can use it to dissolve grease, hair, paper, and many other different types of organic matter. It is completely safe and does not harm the pipes. 

  1. Instant Power 1969 Drain Cleaner

It is a quick and efficient solution to opening the drains and eliminating clogs. Creating heat is its most prominent feature as it is helpful in dissolving hair clogs and melting grease. To get the best results from this drain cleaner, you should leave it overnight.

  1.  Liquid-Plumr Pro-Strength Drain Cleaner

It is a powerful and fast-acting solution to get rid of clogs and solve numerous issues associated with clogged drains. It is even suitable for commercial applications like in offices, hotels, restaurants, and other such areas. 


You can unclog almost any type of grain by using the products discussed above.