Printful Review: New Printing and Dropshipping Era in 2020

What is Printful?

Printful is a traditional print-on-demand dropshipping service that helps businesses in getting access to components to enter the online shopping industry and sell customized products online. There is a wide range of Printful products and a lot of products are being added on a daily basis. Some of these products are t-shirts, dresses, casual shirts, mugs, and many other such items,

In other words, Printful is a customization service that provides personalized accessories for the customer according to their will. Additionally, Printful has many other services but the all-in-one drop shipping service is quite famous all over the world.

printful reviews

Printful is the right platform for all the store owners that are ready to make money through e-commerce without any hesitation and stress of manufacturing any particular product. The only requirement from the customer is to provide their idea of custom logo, design, or anything that they desire, and the rest is the responsibility of Printful.

Another interesting thing about Printful is that it no minimum order requirement or any registration fee. It’s free to set up and it can easily incorporate with your online store. As it is available for multiple e-commerce websites including Shopify, Woo Commerce, and Etsy.

Not only that, Printful introduces an Advance feature for the beginners to help them get started by answering the queries about everything they want to know. The feature consists of tutorials and guidelines about the dropshipping process and the printing services on-demand and running a successful online shop.

Working of Printful

Printful simplifies all your orders by operating them systematically: first, they print your customized designs onto items and deliver them to your on-demand customers. Lastly, add Printful’s app to your e-commerce store, and the rest is on Printful to carry out all the orders in an automated system.

The old tradition of a non-automated system in a business can be very tiring and stressful because every operation has to be single-handedly performed by the business owner which includes: printing, wrapping, and shipping. Moreover, the owner has to deal with all the financial and management issues regarding the order payment and calculations and the workers that are involved in the process of delivering.

But Printful is here to take all your matters into their hands: customer orders, delivery, designing, and packaging. The cost of all these operations is smaller than the individual dealing because Printful has all the resources to manage and deliver onto the customer’s expectation and requirements.

Drop-shipping with Printful will let you keep all the revenue and profit of your business besides, you can work more on the custom designs logos and customer satisfaction and services. 

Pricing Model

Printful makes money only when you sell products. You just need to pick a product to sell, and Printful lists a starting retail price for the product.

The revenue of Printful depends on the products sold. Once a product is picked, it starts to list all the retail prices according to the customization. Generally, the pricing of the product depends on the type of product and its customization. It ranges from $7 to $70. All the online business owners will be very intrigued to know that Printful is a free platform that is absolutely free of cost in terms of setup, minimum limit, or monthly fees.

The only process where the cost is involved in the customization process and shipping. The shipping rates that Printful offers are calculated average cost according to the item category and type. All the products in the shipping category have similar packaging, weight, area, and dimensions. The shipping fee may vary in the destination country including the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, and other territories.

Printful is the best choice for:

Customized Printing Businesses

Printful not only provides the customization and on-demand printing services but the integration feature with your personal E-Commerce platform makes almost half of your work done. It takes your order as a serious duty in fulfilling the customer’s expectations and requirements of the order.

Artists, Influencers, and Content Creators

The biggest advantage of the drop shipping method is taken by the Influencers and Celebrities who sell their merchandise. They look for the people to manage their Merchandise selling and orders to work more on their contents. Printful is the right choice for fulfilling their needs. 

Any Businessman who is Interested in dropshipping and Custom Printing: The integration to your personal platform in the Printful makes it a lot easier for the people to focus less on the shipping and order-making and more on Designs and logos.