Office Copiers: A Buyer’s Guide

Office Copiers: A buyer’s Guide

Owning your own office and desiring to get a copier or working at some office as an employee and are asked to bring or suggest some good copier. What will be your first thought? Will you start looking for the most selling ones or the ones provided with as many features that you do not want? In businesses nowadays, the need for technology keeps evolving, and there are too many options in the market. You must need to identify your printer and copier needs first. For a small business, getting a small printer easy to maintain is sufficient to do basic operations like printing, photocopying, and scanning. For a device for a bigger firm printing around 50-5000 pages daily, it has to be a compatible one. Here are some basic things you must keep in mind when getting a copier:


Well, of course, no one likes to wait. Everyone wants their copier to be speedy. Printers are usually preferred by the number of pages producing per minute (PPM). When going to purchase a copier, you must keep in mind how much the speed of your printer should be. How many prints the printer will print and also the number of users printing. Choosing the correct speed will save you from much trouble. The speed of your device should be as per your use.  


You can only afford the copier when you have space for it. Having a small business and getting a large commercial copier would be absurd. The printers for large organizations are usually the bigger ones, needed to perform printing and copying in mass quantity.

Copier volume:

Usually, your volume of printing will decide what type of commercial copier you should get. Having a small business making prints of 500 pages a month, you will not trouble yourself with getting a large-sized copier. But if your firm requires more than around 5,000 pages, a smaller copier is not going to satisfy you. Usually, most of the office’s needs are fulfilled in 15-35ppm. Keep in mind it is for single-sided printing. Getting a double-sided print will cost a slower speed.

commercial copier

Multi-functional printer:

The word multi-functional is a fancy word for your copier that can do more than just copying. Everyone wants their device the most efficient one to do anything, and multi-functional commercial copiers withstand most of it. Do not forget when you are purchasing this one, don’t bother wasting money on printers or scanners or fax machines. Why bother paying for extra features that you are never be using?


Who does not want a device with all the features? The first and only hindrance is your ability to afford. If you require a highly functional device for copying and printing, you must be ready to pay accordingly. So, the point is you should face your needs in the first place. Identify your usage and needs and then look at whether it falls in your budget.

Need an expensive device but don’t have enough to spend on it? Well, there is another way. You can get your commercial copier on lease. Pay only the initial amount and then own the device while paying the remaining amount in monthly installments. It is a smart choice.

Finishing tools and wireless connections:

Printing and scanning can be done as there are a lot of options varying the cost. What about finishing? You may not have heard of it, but there is now a punching and stapling feature in printers. You can press a button on the copier and get your paper punched with 2-3 holes and gets stapled right after printing.

Wireless connections and smart screen interface technology have also been introduced. Everyone is well aware of using smartphones and wireless devices, and it will increase your usability.

Conclusion:There are a great number of choices to get you a commercial copier. It is up to you and your requirements which one you should get. Do not waste a hefty amount just to get the best. Be sensible and spend according to your budget, looking up to your needs. If you can’t afford a brand new copier, then getting a refurbished one in good condition is also a piece of advice. No one best copier fits in all and suits every business. Think wisely, shop around, and get yourself the right one.