How to become an IT Support Technician

With the ever-increasing popularity of IT support services, it is quite understandable that a lot of people are becoming interested in becoming professional IT support technicians. They are essentially responsible to solve the problems associated with computer hardware and software. Moreover, IT experts help users in utilizing online platforms for the benefit of their business and implementing various kinds of IT solutions.

it support technician

If you are interested in information technology and have good problem-solving skills, you can definitely consider a career in IT support and services. Keep reading this article to get to know about various aspects of being an IT support technician.

What are the Responsibilities of IT Support Technicians?

A significant majority of the IT support technicians work for the companies and help them in maintaining in-house IT systems, software, hardware, and infrastructure. However, IT support technicians also have the option of working for computer manufacturers and different suppliers to offer virtual support services.

The kind of workplace does not have much impact on the general responsibilities of an IT support technician. Generally, they are responsible for:

  • Contacting the clients to get information about different computers, networks, or devices faults and errors they might be facing.
  • Diagnosing the problems by evaluating various aspects of the system.
  • After careful analysis, IT technicians have to come up with an efficient solution.
  • Elaborating the solution to the clients
  • Installing different IT devices and machines like printers, copier machines, and much other such equipment.
  • Maintaining thorough records of the computer issues, their causes, and possible solutions.
  • Senior IT support technicians also have to train new technicians.
  • Allocation and maintenance of the IT equipment is also the responsibility of the IT technicians. This role is mainly dominant in jobs in which the technicians are working for an in-house IT department. For instance, setting up the copier machines, printers, and integrating the office machines and equipment into the network is the primary responsibility of an IT technician when they are working in one particular firm.
  • Responsibilities related to the maintenance of the IT infrastructure also contains protecting the IT processes and making sure the devices are completely safe. If the company is facing any kind of cyber threat, the IT support technicians must investigate it and take measures to improve security. 

Working Hours

Generally, IT support technicians have to work about 37 to 40 hours per week from Monday to Friday. However, the working hours can greatly vary from company to company as many firms need technicians on evening and weekend shifts as well. IT technicians most of their time in the office as the majority of the problems can be solved virtually. However, sometimes they have to visit the clients or specific organizations to fix on-site problems.


In order to become an IT support technician, you must have a lot of knowledge of computer systems. For this purpose, you can get enrolled in the following programs:

  • PC Maintenance Level 1 Certificate
  • Diploma in ICT Support Systems (Level 2)
  • Certificate in ICT Systems and Principles (Level 2)
  • Diploma in ICT Professional Competence (Level 2)

Other than these major courses, you can also pursue a full-fledged bachelor or master’s degree in programs related to IT and computer sciences.


To become a competent and reliable IT support technician, you should possess the following skills:

  • You should have the ability to fully understand the operating systems, networking protocols, and computer hardware and software. 
  • You should be capable of applying a variety of techniques and tools to different situations.
  • Generally, you must have good analytical and problem-solving skills to excel in the field of IT support and services. 
  • You should have good communication skills so that you are able to understand the requirements and problems of different clients and find suitable solutions.
  • Overall, it is important for you to have an interest in information technology and the tech industry because technology is rapidly evolving so you will have to keep yourself updated to provide the best IT support services.


One of the most interesting and lucrative aspects of the IT industry is that there is no limit in this industry. IT-related jobs are continually increasing due to the evolution of technology. The number of jobs for IT support technicians is also expanding quite dramatically so people can expect a very fruitful career in this industry.  Career advancement opportunities are also available in this field so it is important for the IT technicians to keep improving their skills and knowledge so that they are reaching higher positions easily and quickly.