Application Of The Fiberglass Wallpaper


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The application of the fiberglass wallpaper starts with the smearing of the wall with the fiberglass adhesive. Our wallpaperer uses the fur roller for this.

Our wallpaperer makes the wallpaper to measure and adds an extra ten centimeters. The longer runway is ideal for finishing off the wall to the plinth or floor.

Our fiberglass hanger removes the surplus part of the job. The plastic spatula can be used if there are air bubbles under the wallpaper.

Use Of Smooth Rubber Roller

The smooth rubber roller is needed to firmly press the web on the side. The cutting knife and ruler can be used to cut away the excess wallpaper below and above.

After the first job, our fiberglass hanger applies the next job to the wall. This after of course first the glue has been carefully applied again.
The webs of the fiberglass wallpaper come tightly together. Our wallpaperers understand their profession so that there is no overlap. Do you want to get started yourself?


Glass Fiber Hanger To Painting

After the wallpaper is finished, the job is obviously not done yet. The wall now gets a nice color as a finish. Latex paint is suitable for this and available in all colors.

Do you prefer sauces to save on costs? That is of course also possible, because our service is very flexible in that regard.

The wallpaper must first be dried. Only after 24 hours has been installed fiberglass wallpaper suitable for coloring.

Is It Possible To Remove Glass Fiber Wallpaper?

It is indeed possible to remove glass fiber wallpaper. However, it is a job that takes some time. Using a wallpaper steamer is an option. Read more about removing wallpaper.

First, it is handy to make some notches in the wallpaper. This makes it possible to let moisture get behind the wallpaper and it gets loose.

It is advisable to soak the entire wall after the notches with a combination of hot water and washing-up liquid. It is also possible to use a special wallpaper remover for removal.

Why Remove Glass Fiber Wallpaper? Over Painting Is Possible!

You do not have to remove fiberglass wallpaper if, for example, you want to give your living room a metamorphosis.

The wallpaper can be painted over in any other color. This way you save yourself the trouble of removing fiberglass wallpaper.

Even after the second application of color to fiberglass wallpaper it is simply possible to choose another color. That is why it is also a durable and cost-effective wall finish.

What Does Hiring A Glass Fiber Hanger Cost?

Hiring one of our fiberglass wallpaperers is advantageous. Different options are possible. For example, you ensure a well-prepared wall.

In that case, our fiberglass hanger can be used immediately, so to speak. There are no additional costs for preparing the wall.

Even if you choose to finish the wall yourself with a color, that saves costs. So you have every opportunity to purchase services based on your budget. Do you want to hire a fiberglass hanger? Then call or email us!

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